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A Better Approach To Physical Therapy

  • Get one-on-one sessions with a doctor of physical therapy
  • Get the time to tell your story
  • Discover a better understanding of what’s causing your pain
  • Find out what you can do to get back to living your life
  • We create a unique plan to overcome your injury
  • Achieve your goals now

Our Services

Physical Therapy for Runners and Endurance Athletes

Tired of the boom-bust cycle of injury? Worried and want answers? Ready to return to running your best? We are here to help.


Performance Coaching

We all need a coach, whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to reach new fitness goals. We’re here to help you develop a comprehensive training plan to take your fitness to the next level and reach new heights.

What People Are Saying

“As a former elite runner who has struggled with chronic injuries after my competitive years, I have been desperate to return to training for a healthy lifestyle and happiness. Jimmy has been instrumental in getting me back to consistency.  His knowledge and experience as an athlete and practitioner are what I have been looking for for years.  The PT and strength training programs are integrated with my running in a collaborative effort.  I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who wants to break the injury cycle and get back to health.”

Tom Jeffrey – 2:20 marathoner

“Jimmy, as a true mountain athlete himself understood both the anxiety I was feeling and why a full recovery meant everything. Jimmy’s sincere enthusiasm, heartfelt caring of me, and years of PT experience were all brought to bear on me and my recovery. That made all the difference.”

Peter metcalf, ceo/founder black diamond equipment

“Jimmy was a huge help getting me back to work after a knee surgery. As a mountain guide it was super important for me to find an excellent PT. With Jimmy’s help I recovered really fast and surpassed my expectations as well as my surgeon’s expectations. I would recommend without hesitation to anyone who is really motivated to regain range of motion and strength after injury or surgery.”

Alan Rousseau – Professional Mountain guide

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