Physical Therapy

Helping you get back to running pain-free.

Injuries are the most frustrating part of running.

My mission is to get you back to training and competing as quickly as possible.

This is not about giving you a set of stretches, telling you to buy new shoes or that you need to stop running.

It is about taking a critical look at your training history, strength, flexibility, running mechanics, and life loads.

We then put together a comprehensive plan specifically for YOU.

If running is important to you, click below to schedule an appointment. 

What patients are saying

“After working with many physical therapists over the years, I finally came across Jimmy and Redefine Running. Immediately, it was obvious that this was what I had been looking for.

After helping me with a few injuries, Jimmy worked with me to increase my training volume. I was able to hit running milestones that I thought were impossible. Having a physical therapist and coach that understands endurance training and injury prevention is an invaluable skill set!”

Matthew W.

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