Envelope of Function: A Better Way To Approach Injury

Injuries and the stories we are given In 2008 I was fresh out of college and earnestly making the transition from collegiate track and cross country to road racing. That winter I was training for Boston and excited to participate in the fabled race. Training had been going well until I strained my calf duringContinue reading “Envelope of Function: A Better Way To Approach Injury”

The Crazy World of Recovery

As a kid, I spent my summers running AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) track. Practice took place each afternoon with meets on the weekends. The summer heat and humidity were brutal and our coach stressed the need to recover after each practice. He educated us young athletes on the importance of eating a good dinner toContinue reading “The Crazy World of Recovery”

Strength for Uphill Skiers and Runners

If you are like most endurance athletes, you want to spend all your free time outside doing your sport. If you are a runner, you want to be on the trails. If you are a skier, you want to be skinning and making turns in the backcountry. Our time is precious and we want toContinue reading “Strength for Uphill Skiers and Runners”

Sorry Strava, I think we need a break

1. I’ve been reminiscing on my early days of running. Back when running was uncomplicated by social media and GPS watches. It was a chance for me to be alone with my thoughts, out in nature, and to push my body.  Clicking the start button on my old Timex, I would head out with aContinue reading “Sorry Strava, I think we need a break”

what can a butterfly teach us about physical therapy?

An old monk is walking in the woods. The forest is lush with budding trees, sunlight shines through the leaves casting a green glow on the dirt path. The monk strolls along taking in the sights and sounds of a warm spring morning. Just off the trail, between the branches of a young tree, heContinue reading “what can a butterfly teach us about physical therapy?”

cold morning runs and strength training

​ Winter is in full swing. Cold and dark morning runs. Waking up early, the sun seems to never want to rise. With a hot cup of coffee in hand, it can be difficult to get going. But you throw on your warmest running gear, grab your headlight and head out the door.  Outside, exhalesContinue reading “cold morning runs and strength training”

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