Easy Days Easy.

I clicked off another sub-6-minute mile and slowed to a stop. With my “easy” run complete, I shuffled into the house and promptly crashed on the living room floor. Still dripping sweat, I opened my training log and jotted down the details of the day’s run. Fatigue spread through my body as I lay thereContinue reading “Easy Days Easy.”

The Crazy World of Recovery

As a kid, I spent my summers running AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) track. Practice took place each afternoon with meets on the weekends. The summer heat and humidity were brutal and our coach stressed the need to recover after each practice. He educated us young athletes on the importance of eating a good dinner toContinue reading “The Crazy World of Recovery”

Base building part 1

The mornings are getting colder and the days shorter. Soon the trails will be covered in snow and you’ll be trading your trail shoes for skis. And you know what that means… ski season is right around the corner!  And while we’re all getting excited for the snow to fly and daydreaming of long daysContinue reading “Base building part 1”


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